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The Town of Indian River Shores operates a Building Department, which is established in Section 30.65 of the Town's Code of Ordinances* as shown below.  

The Department interacts with contractors and residents in issuing business licenses (Sec. 110), permits, plan reviews, site inspections, for all of their construction, reconstruction, or remodeling projects (also see Ch. 150-159, the Land Development Code, and the Comprehensive Plan).  In addition, zoning variances are initiated in this department for the Planning, Zoning & Variance Board's review.  The Tree Protection Officer (Sec. 98) and Code Enforcement Officer, Gary Doyle, works from the Building Department to ensure that codes are met. Fire Marshal Dave Johnson works closely with the Building Department for Fire Prevention and the Life Safety Code enforcement, performing inspections in accordance with Sec. 92, Code of Ordinances.

Building Official, Jose Guanch, is assisted by part-time inspectors Steve Sonzogni and Kernie Fuller, and administrative staff Liz Mahon and Shannon Kazen.

Jose Guanch

Building Official

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Land Development Code

Building Dept reception area

Building Official
Jose Guanch

Building Dept. Clerk  
Elizabeth Mahon

 Building Dept. Clerk
 Shannon Kazen

                  Tree Protection Officer &                   Code Enforcement Officer Gary Doyle


  • Don't be surprised when applying for a building permit!  Click here for new legislation regarding hurricane mitigation requirements.

Phone: (772) 231-4453
Fax:     (772) 234-5246

HOURS 8-4:30, closed 12-1 M-F

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Contractor Debris Removal Container Information

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Fertilizer Restrictions 

Liz Mahon

Building Dept. Clerk

Shannon Kazen

Building Dept. Clerk

* Extract from Code of Ordinances:

"(a)  The department of buildings shall be under the supervision of the building official, who shall be responsible for the issuance of all permits and the inpsection of all work done under provisions of the electrical, plumbing, mechanical, and building codes of the town; and the safety inspection of all premises, including structures and appurtenances thereon.

 (b)  Any provision of the Code of Ordinances setting forth duties and responsiblities of the building official shall hereafter be delegated to the department of buildings.

 (c)  Any proviosion of the Code of Ordinances setting forth duties and responsibilities of the director of building and safety engineering shall hereafter be delegated to the department of buildings.

 (d)  Any provision of theCode of Ordinances setting forth duties and responsibilities of the electrical inspector shall hereafter be deelegated to the department of buildings." 

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