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UPDATED 1-6-15
  • The next elections in the Town of Indian River Shores will be the Presidential Preference Primary in March 2016.  On the ballot will be a question for all residents of the Town to consider:  Should the Town Council elections be changed from March to November, and other administrative changes be made to the Town's Charter?  Please see HERE for exact wording on your sample ballot, whether you are non-partisan, Republican or Democratic.
  • If you missed the news about changes to weekly recycling on Wednesdays for everyone and solid waste (household garbage) pickup to Monday-Thursday for some residents, here's the recap: 1) We will not be using wheeled recycle bins.  Keep your tubs and continue placing them as you have been.  2) You do not need to sort plastic from paper in the recycle bin.  Other questions? Check When's My Pickup Dayor call Treasure Coast Refuse/Republic Services at 562-6620 (press 3, then wait to hear "republicservices.com" before you press 2 ). This page for Household, Yard Waste & Recycling Information on the Town’s website has links to help you find out about the County landfill sites, how and what to bundle in yard waste (and if your neighborhood has that service) and how and what to recycle, your personal schedule for all solid waste disposal, and much more.
  • Watering restrictions limiting lawn sprinklers to once weekly are in effect.  Please also find this information on the Utility Information page of our website.
  • Installation of decorative rock on the planter boxes lining the front of Town Hall is nearly completed.
  • Remember to check for information about the electric utility rate relief issue with the City of Vero Beach on this page.
    • A site plan variance was approved by the Council for a gourmet pizza restaurant in the Village Shops in the southern section.
    • Each governmental entity including the Town of Indian River Shores, Indian River County, Sebastian, Vero Beach, Fellsmere and Orchid have resolved to support the extension of the one cent sales tax in the County.  This will be on the ballot for voter approval in 2016, and is the most effective way to provide funds for county-wide infrastructure needs, such as roads and bridges, and takes some of the property tax burden off the residents and shares it with all consumers who purchase goods and services within the county.
    • Many calls have been received regarding vacation or short term rentals, which the Town is largely prohibited from regulating by the State.  In 2011, the State lawmakers passed a law that "A local law,ordinance or regulation may not prohibit vacation rentals or regulate the duration or frequency of vacation rentals."  This has resulted in many municipalities receiving complaints about short term rentals.
    • Preliminary work to install the much needed cell tower in the Town is proceeding, with Datapath Communications as the provider to advise on location, manage it and secure tenants.  
    • Redevelopment of the Spectrum Property.  All required action has been completed.   

    The list of enumerated business activities that the Town Council approved on February 27 as permissible in the 3,000 sf retail portion of the new 9,431 sf building follows: 

    * Apparel, accessories and footwear; * Jewelry, glassware, china/silver, stationary, paper products & wedding registry items; * bookstore, art and handcrafted items; * day spa and personal services, by appointment only; housewares and home furnishings; * florist; * custom audio/visual. 

    • Indian River Shores is the SAFEST city in Florida!  This article in TC Palm on December 16, 2014 recaps the research performed for the entire state based on FBI statistics.  Our residents are safe, well cared for and well protected thanks to the Town's Public Safety Department.
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