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UPDATED 5-27-15
  • At the May 21st Council meeting, Council directed staff to begin the process to change the Town elections to coincide with Presidential election in 2016.  This requires a Charter referendum on the ballot this year.  Public input is invited during this effort, which will involve an ordinance to be discussed twice.  Our next general election for Town Council will be advanced by 4 months to November 2016 rather than March 2017.  This cost-saving measure ($5,400 annually) is intended to increase voter turnout.
  • The stormwater baffle box project on Indian Lane is proceding.
  • We need volunteers for the Finance Committee!  There are openings for a full member and two alternates.  Summer meetings are required.  Please click here if interested.
  • An informative presentation regarding ISO Risk Assessment and Public Safety Staffing Requirements was received at a special workshop on April 9.  They recommended a staffing level to provide optimum public safety in the Town as three shifts of 8 officers.  We currently have 6 officers on each 24-hour shift.
  • Many calls have been received regarding vacation or short term rentals, which the Town is largely prohibited from regulating by the State.  In 2011, the State lawmakers passed a law that "A local law,ordinance or regulation may not prohibit vacation rentals or regulate the duration or frequency of vacation rentals."  This has resulted in many municipalities receiving complaints about short term rentals.
  • Another item of great interest is the scarcity of cell towers which has made communication a major challenge among the barrier island residents in particular.  Please note that we are intently pursuing our options, and an RFP is being drafted with hopes that this problem will be remedied in the near future.
  • Sea Turtle nesting season began March 1 and continues through October 31.  Please see our Parks and Recreation page for important information from state and town ordinances.
  • Redevelopment of Spectrum Property.  All required action has been completed.   

The list of enumerated business activities that the Town Council approved on February 27 as permissible in the 3,000 sf retail portion of the new 9,431 sf building follows: 

* Apparel, accessories and footwear; * Jewelry, glassware, china/silver, stationary, paper products & wedding registry items; * bookstore, art and handcrafted items; * day spa and personal services, by appointment only; housewares and home furnishings; * florist; * custom audio/visual. 

  • Indian River Shores is the SAFEST city in Florida!  This article in TC Palm on December 16, 2014 recaps the research performed for the entire state based on FBI statistics.  Our residents are safe, well cared for and well protected thanks to the Public Safety Department.

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