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Welcome to your portion of the Town's website, designed to provide helpful information to those who reside within the Town's incorporated limits.  

The Treasure Coast and Indian River Shores is rich with history, and we are in the process of developing the Town's history resources on this website.  For now, please feel free to peruse this area history as found on the John's Island Real Estate website.

Another area of website development is for rules specific to residents of the Town, especially in ungated areas.  A compilation has not yet been completed for easy reference, so the interim resource is to search our municipal codes.  You will find Chapters 71 and 72 address parking, and Chapter 100 explains boats and waterway regulations.

Establishing Domicile in Florida.  Since many of our residents winter here before deciding to become "permanent" Florida residents, we often are asked "How do I become a Florida resident?"  There is a form that may be taken to be recorded by the Clerk of Court; however, we do recommend that you consult with an attorney for complete guidance. Other "evidences" that you do indeed live here include obtaining a Florida Driver License, registering your motor vehicle(s) with the County tag office, completing the Voter's Registration (and voting!), and filing for homestead tax exemption.

Mailing Address.  The zip code 32963 serves all of the barrier island in Indian River County, which contains four distinct municipal governments: the City of Vero Beach, the Town of Indian River Shores, the Town of Orchid, and unincorporated Indian River County. 

At one point, the United States Postal Service (USPS) declared every address to be in Vero Beach.  The USPS agreed in the late 1990’s that both the Town of Indian River Shores and the Town of Orchid are allowed to use either the Vero Beach “generic” term or their own municipal name in their official address.  For those who live here, it is preferred that "Town of Indian River Shores" rather than "Vero Beach" be used for your mailing address since that is where you live!

As an aside, the City of Vero Beach actually has only 4.5 miles of the 25 mile long island within their jurisdiction.  Unincorporated Indian River County comprises the majority of the length at 14 miles, and the Town of Indian River Shores has 6.25 miles.  The Town of Orchid is one subdivision that incorporated, and it has three-quarters of a mile along the A-1-A corridor. 

Thank you for exploring your Town by the website!  We welcome your suggestions as consideration for improving this resource.

We respect your email privacy as much as possible.  E-mail addressess may be requested as a public record under Florida Statutes Chapter 119.  If you do not want your email address to have the potential to become public information, please call us at 772-231-1771, ext. 121 instead.

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