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Debbi Peniston takes Oath of Office
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The Town of Indian River Shores operates under a Council - Manager system of government in which the legislative branch and the town manager administer its policies.

The five-member legislative branch, or Town Council, is elected at large by the residents for a 4-year term. Elections are held in November of even-numbered years. Open positions are staggered, so that there will be either two or three seats open for election every two years. Following elections, the Council selects the Mayor and Vice Mayor from among themselves at an organizational meeting. All elected officials are subject to a term limit of two consecutive terms.

As the Town's legislative body, the Council determines all policies, adopts ordinances and resolutions, approves appropriations and the town's annual budgets, sets the tax rate, and appoints the Charter officers for town manager, town clerk, and town attorney.

An historical list of elected and appointed officials is found here.  Click here for a brief biography of each council member. 

Please see the Elections page if you are interested in running for a position on the Town Council. 

The current elected officials for the Town are as follows:

Michael Ochsner

Brian M. Barefoot


 Elected 3-2013 - 11-2020

Michael B. Ochsner

Vice Mayor

Elected 3-2015 - 11-2018 

Dick Haverland

  Robert F. Auwaerter


Elected 11-2016 - 11-2020

Richard M. Haverland  


Elected 3-2011 - 11-2018  

 Deborah H. Peniston


Elected 11-2016 - 11-2020 

The elected officials may be contacted through the Town Clerk's office at (772) 231-1771, extension 121, and receive their mail using the Town Hall address of 6001 N. Highway A-1-A, Indian River Shores, FL 32963-1014.  They also may be contacted by e-mail through the email address council@irshores.com. Please specify a name in the subject line for singular delivery.                                                                        Home
We respect your email privacy as much as possible.  E-mail addressess may be requested as a public record under Florida Statutes Chapter 119.  If you do not want your email address to have the potential to become public information, please call us at 772-231-1771, ext. 121 instead.

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