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General Information

View your current effective FIRM MAP. The Town maps are in Sections 0232, 0234, 0242, 0253 and 0261.
The Town of Indian River Shores is located entirely on the barrier island and has a great potential for flooding. The majority of the coastal area along the Atlantic Ocean is subject to wave action and located in the NFIP VE flood zone. The remainder of the land in Indian River Shores is located in the AE zone.
The Town of Indian River Shores has actively participated in the National Flood Insurance Program for many years. As a participating community in the The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), all property owners have an opportunity to financially protect themselves. The NFIP offers flood insurance to all homeowners, renters, business owners, as well as condominiums.
Flood zones and evacuation zones are different. Flood zones are used to assess a property's flood risk caused by heavy rains, tropical storms and hurricanes. Evacuation zones are based on the property's vulnerability to storm surge from a hurricane.

Community Rating System (CRS)

The Community Rating System (CRS) was created to encourage communities to establish a floodplain management program that strengthens floodplain management activities that exceed the minimum National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) requirements. This program provides the communities with discounts on the flood insurance rates and makes communities more resilient to disaster events.
Each CRS participating community is assigned a class number ranging from 1 to 10, based on credit points earned for implementing various floodplain management practices. A CRS Class 1 is the most favorable classification, and CRS Class 9 is an introductory class. A community with a CRS Class 10 designation no longer participates in the CRS program. The Town of Indian River Shores is a CRS Class 6 participating community and as such, each NFIP flood insurance policyholder receives a 20% discount on their flood insurance premium.

More Information

The following third-party websites and services are available to you for your education:

  • Community Rating System: Encourages communities to establish a floodplain management program that recognizes and encourages floodplain management activities.
  • Flood Insurance: Understand flood insurance. Find out if you should or are required to get flood insurance.
  • Top Ten Facts for Consumers
  • Indian River Shores Preliminary Map – This Map is NOT in effect!

  • Natural disasters and emergency situations call for top-down preparedness. Indian River County and its municipalities operate under the same Unified Local Mitigation Strategy (LMS) plan. The Indian River County Local Mitigation Strategy (LMS) was reviewed by the Florida Division of Emergency Management and found to be compliant with the federal hazard mitigation planning standards, and adopted by the Board of County Commissioners on March 3, 2020. The Town Council of Indian River Shores will review the 2020 Revised Indian River County LMS at their meeting on March 26 for adoption by Resolution 20-02. The 400+ page document is available for review at this link.

Flood Information Services

Town of Indian River Shores CRS Coordinator is Steve Boehning with CoastalWide LLC. This firm has been contracted to assist the Town with FEMA's NFIP Community Rating System (CRS) program. As part of that agreement, residents will be provided with answers to questions or concerns related to flood insurance, flood zones, flood risk, and general flood information at no cost to the resident. Please contact Mr. Boehning for this free service.
Flood Elevation Certificates are available upon request.
Liz Scheidel
Email: lizs@irshores.com or crsirshores@coastalwide.com
Phone: 772-231-4453

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